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You can show your appreciation for the official site and support future development by donating, We strongly feel that our site and downloads and everything should remain free of charge as our gift to the online community. We ask for a donation of £5 but of course we appreciate any amount.

Donations to us are for development/coding purposes only. Please use the form below to enter your desired giving amount.



We fully appreciate the generosity of those who donate to the site, and it is very important to us to maintain the community's trust. If you use PayPal, they will require certain personal information from you in order to create and establish an account. Some of this information, such as your name, e-mail address, and donation amount will be transmitted to our PayPal account upon receipt of donation. Other details will only be held by PayPal, and not sent to us. Rest assured that the details of any donation received by us will be kept private and never sold or otherwise divulged to any third party. For example, these details include: names, e-mail addresses, mailing and return addresses (such as one written on an envelope or check).

All donations are processed through PayPal, to ensure your security. - Learn more about PayPal →

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