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You can show your appreciation for the official site and support future development by donating, We strongly feel that our site and downloads and everything should remain free of charge as our gift to the online community. We ask for a donation but of course we appreciate any amount.

The Software Update Tool is a free project which does not directly make an income or profit. It is our intention to keep it this way permanently. No user, community member or visitor should feel obliged in any way to provide compensation to the project members or the project as a whole for making use of this system.

However, The Software Update Tool does accept donations from those who freely choose to offer them. Any donations received in this way will be used to defer current and future expenses associated with the on-going operation of this project.



Anyone who makes a donation (in excess of £10.00 GBP) will be eligible to have their title changed to 'Contributor' on our community forums. There may also be private forums or other similar token benefits offered in the future. It should also be noted that when Software Update Tool looks to fill internal positions such as moderators or administrators, it is those who have chosen to donate who will be looked at first to fill those roles.

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Reference TBHD-SUT

Before donating, please note that making a donation is no guarantee of continued service. You are making this donation freely, without contract, lien, or promise of services in exchange. The manner of use of your donation is at the sole discretion of the administrators of Software Update Tool.

Donations are for development/coding purposes only.

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In case you need help with the donation system or require more details please contact us and we will reply as soon as we can - we promise!

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